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Our Products

Please contact our customer relationship professionals so we will be able to advise you on the best product
that is suitable for your business needs.  


Our beef are imported chilled from Australia and New Zealand weekly to ensure maximum quality and freshness for our customers.

Different cut of poultry


We provide an array of poultry from both USA and Brazil. Cuts ranging from Whole Chicken, Boneless Leg, Wings, Breast, Inner fillet and many more.


We have a wide range of quality seafood which you can pick from. Ranging from Fishes, Prawns, Squids and many more. 

US Scallop.jpg


We have a range of Lamb products which are imported from Australia and New Zealand - Lamb Rack, Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Shank etc.

Portion Control & Marinating Services

We are able to provide value-added service for our customers such as portion control and marinating services. Service includes cutting into steaks, cubes, sliced, minced or to any specifications to meet your requirement.

Contact us to find out more about how we are able to assist in your operational needs.


Finger Food

We have a wide variety of finger food available to suit the ever-growing demand. 


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